Design Portfolio

“Tranquil and nourishing…inspiring and thoughtful”
“I love what I do…it’s understanding Life.

Ann talks about design—and clients:

“Peoples’ stories, messages sent with words, with sketches, body language, with their environment: I listen and look. Looking and listening encourage clients to share their self-discovery of what beauty, what intimacy, what playfulness they want to invite. What inspires. Clients seldom realize how much they know about design. My gift is visualizing space and ’fitting’ it to peoples’ dynamics, their activities and their treasures.
Good design really does change family dynamics—‘Create a space and they will come.’ I’m excited I can add to what we discover.”
Materializing the guiding vision of designer-client interactions, Jones-Wilson orchestrates: furniture, wall paper, paint, fabrics, art, window treatments, the building’s structural ‘bones’, the juxtaposition of unusual elements, feng shui, and light.
Design defines the feeling, conspires with memories and imaginings to create beautiful places, private and public—regenerative, efficient and comfortable for mind, body and spirit.
Jones-Wilson works with clients, client/architect and client/contractor combinations: from one-hour color or placement consultations to project management. Ann excels with large projects, working either solo or bringing together a team for the mostly cheerful process—timely and within budget.

Enjoy the relationship of color, form and texture: Welcome to this virtual tour
of Ann’s garden: