Ann Jones-Wilson House Remodeling


“Can we make a home out of this house
…a home that invites and inspires?”

Ann Jones-Wilson Interior Designer and Her Crew

Ann Jones-Wilson

“I Love what I do…it’s understanding life. Peoples’ stories. People send messages with words, with body language, with their environment—I look and listen.” Ann Jones-Wilson, designer and project manager of the extensive remodel at The Point White Overlook House gets excited when she helps people discover what they already know.

Bainbridge Island Interior design The extensive remodel at The Point White Overlook House anchors meaningful family history, the owner’s Alexander Calder 1966 watercolor… and the family dog.

Walls came down. Space was humanized. View opened up.

An Indonesian Phoenix was added in the entry to memorialize this major remodel.

“ ‘I hate green’ a client said, ‘I can’t live with green.’ I looked in the closets and there was all this green. ‘I envision each space to fit to the dynamics, the activities, the treasures. Good design really does change family dynamics.

“Create a space and they will come.” Ann continues, “Invite beauty. Looking and listening encourage people to share with me their self-discovery of what beauty, what intimacy, what playfulness they want to invite—what can inspire.”

Living Room  Jones-Wilson Design


This office and adjacent powder room also moonlight as guest room.


In the office, cabinets were designed to hide electronics, light and shadow choreographed quiet energies, mindful that home offices are places of purpose.

 Bainbridge Island Interior Design—KitchenMaterializing the guiding vision are the materials and tools Ann orchestrates: Furniture, wallpaper, paint, fabrics, art, window treatments, light, space, the building’s structural ‘bones’. Awareness and knowledge of daily and seasonal sky intensities underlay selection and placement of artificial light. Memories and imaginings couple with physical realities conspire to create a comfortable home—efficient, beautiful and regenerative to body, mind and spirit.

Ann, using the phrase, “the generosity of the universe,” talked about her extensive experience: “When I moved to the island and had two children, commuting didn’t seem an option. In the ’70s few island people sought out designers so I used my background in design and sculpture creating stained glass windows and designing and installing tile. I spent time in the trades. My last fling was installing the hand-made Totten Tile in cartoonist Gary Larson’s home. It was beautiful, a whole room of pattern, color and texture.

“Times changed on the island – and for me. Both kids finished graduate school. I began interior designing and overseeing entire house remodeling projects. Soon I was hiring the trades to materialize my visions, well understanding the perfectionist detail I ask of them: How far can we stretch? What are the challenges? My tradesmen and women are artisans and we are cooperators in timely, on budget, mostly cheerful processes.

“From drawings to reality takes more time than people expect. What they see is torn up boards and mortar! Client-designer trust carries these days. I’m on the job site often for input on the expected unexpecteds: helping find the best solution for a junction of tile and wood, or suggesting an upright’s slight shift to strengthen a design repetition. Experience is invaluable for turning these challenges into serendipitous opportunities, with just a touch of finesse.”

Now sumptuous lighting and beauty-enhanced utility unifies kitchen to dining area, both backdropped by that classic marine view…Plumbers, electricians, tile setters, floor refinishers, carpenters, cabinet makers, painters, wallpaper hangers, systems people, window people and carpet people… Squares and levels, extension cords, compressor hoses… Saws and nails, BANG BANG, screws and hinges, dust and sprayers. BANG BANG BANG, tangles and smells and noise. Suddenly silence. Tools and ladders are gone. Plastic sheets and pickups are gone. Paint cans are sorted and the last van leaves.

 Bainbridge Island Interior Design—Dining Room

“Even after removing the wall, kitchen space will be small.” The owner agreed. Kitchen space must be optimized.

In the living room…
an antique English foot stool, an Ironies table, Kim Osgood’s monotype “Pleasure”:
Bold juxtapositions of unusual elements each newly acquired to create a collection expressing the owner’s personal history, anchored by that Calder watercolor…and accommodating the family dog. Bainbridge Island Interior Design Sitting Room

In the family room…
windows frame nature — yard, garden and salt water passage.

From the overlook balcony…

the vantage contrasts the semi-formal symmetry of the dining room with the color spectrum randomly displayed by nature’s daily and seasonal changes. Light defines The Point White Overlook House.

 Bainbridge Island Interior Design—WelcomeA living room niche…
with a Thai statue and Chinese embroideries is softly lit from a candle in Jan Barboglio’s “Roses of Guadalupe.”

In the master bedroom …
sublime window treatments coax Impressionistic magic from sunsets, storms, night skies — and tomorrow, the dawn.

An open stairway…
leads to cheerful magical bedrooms. Light falls upon opulent pillows on sumptuous fabrics. The spectrum changes with the season. Favorite colors combine with light from the changing sky colors. The brilliant warms of summer slip into the intensities of fall followed by those interminable days of gray overcast that define our northwest winters. And northwest winter itself seems composed of days with more darkness than light…but you know, “in winter we don’t get much help from the sun” as any gardener or photographer will tell you. So pattern and geometry take up some “heavy lifting.”

The master bath’s…

eyebrow window is encored by the bed’s headboard. The rectangular geometry of the custom crafted vanity is softened with a curve.

 Bainbridge Island Interior Design—Furniture
An inviting and exquisitely proportioned chaise…

occupies a place where the slightest tilt of the head moves one’s eyes from the outer vista of saltwater passage inwardly to, perhaps, a book, reflective musings or a welcome intrusion…

 Bainbridge Island Interior Design—Ann Wilson


“Hunter-gather the passions and dreams first, then the things.”

Families and memories—treasures lovingly sheltered in beauty.

Need a home be more?